Debian is cool

The Debian Swirl –

To start this I’ll probably have to start at the beginning, when I was still on the dark side, aka using Windows. During my final year of undergraduate studies I was looking for some professor to take me on as a grad student, this included meetings and so forth, coincidently there was a new research group that just started, the Climate Research Group (CRG). I went into the Prof’s office, he asked am I willing to install some GNU/Linux distribution, I said yes (I didn’t know what I said yes to honestly) and that’s basically it, maybe I was the only or the first student that didn’t object.

I’m not going to pretend like I’m a GNU/Linux expert or that I’ve used all the major distributions out there, like a lot of people I started with Ubuntu and I really have no hate towards them. I even kind of like Unity, and it helps that I’m South-African and there’s this guy called Mark, Mark Shuttleworth, you know…. Anyway recently I started using Debian and I was pretty impressed. I really like the gnome integration and by using the testing repository my packages are more up to date than the Ubuntu LTS version, but, and I know this is just basically stating what Debian is all about, it is super stable. I’ve never had any issues. I now have Debian on my Dell E6220 and I’m running Debian “Mate” on a small low-end Acer ES131-111 and it works like a charm.

I’ll try to write some installation notes to get Debian working on the Acer one day, it’s not straight forward, but it’s not really that hard either.


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