Running, the first note

My running has been lackluster the last two years, I remember a couple of years ago I was running over 120 miles a week at times. Now, well I’m barely making 100km on a good week, funny thing is I’m actually running pretty solid. Did I overtrain back then, yeah I definitely did, but I think that was “money in the bank” and it’s carrying me through now, a couple of years on. I really do want to get back to running 100 miles a week comfortably, my research tires me though and I’m just all round pretty lazy.

This little note was inspired by my training today, I did a 4k tempo at 13:20 (not fast, but it was easy) and then I did a track set right after, I managed 2x300m in 43 and 40 and then 2×200 in 27 and 27. It felt good and it was on grass with racing flats. Next up for me is the Two Oceans 21km, I’m quite excited to run it and just have fun, that’s whats it’s all about for me these days, FUN!


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